Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored, 11 May - 12 June 2022, Europe and North America

The sixth edition of the Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored takes place from 11 May to 12 June 2022, starting in London and then travelling through several European and American cities !

This book fair is timed parallel to the Iran Book Fair, hence the name : Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored. The aim of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for authors and publishers who would be censored or banned in Iran to speak out freely and present their work.

Participating publishing houses :

  • Forough Book (Germany)
  • Naakojaa (France)
  • Gardoon (Germany)
  • Nogaam (UK)
  • Satrap (UK)
  • Dena Book (Netherlands)
  • Red Intellect (Netherlands)
  • Aftab Publication (Norway)
  • Roonak Publication (Netherlands)
  • Pendaar Publications (UK)
  • Arzan (Sweden)
  • Ferdosi (Sweden)
  • Iran Academia (Netherlands)
  • Pegah Books (Canada)
  • Ketab Corp (USA)
  • Saraye Bamdad (Canada)
  • Ketab Corp (USA)

For more information : www.uncensoredbook.com / #UBF22