The freedom to publish is always in danger in Canada

Pays de parution : Canada

Following the call for solidarity with Ecosociété coordinated by the Alliance in 2008, we sent you the conclusions of the « case Noir Canada » with Barrick Gold (as you will see in the attached press release).

Indeed, in order to put an end to the proceedings that Barrick Gold (mining company) instituted against it in April 2008 for the sum of 6 million dollars, Ecosociété and the authors of Noir Canada decided to cease the publication of the book.

However this important title is still part of Ecosociété backlist - and we know it will go on being read, through the copies which have been bought since 2008, notably by libraries.

In front of this censorship act, and the pressure put by compagnies on a independent publishing house, we would like to praise the pugnacity of the publishers and the authors during these last three years.

The struggle against censorship is still topical, and the Alliance goes on supporting every action that Ecosociété will do in favor of freedom to publish.