The two prizewinners 2010 of the « Terres solidaires » collection !

On Monday, 6 December 2010, following hours of online discussions among the 9 members of the Reading Committee of the “Terres solidaires” collection (“United Lands”), the 2010 prizewinners of the collection were announced : « Trop de soleil tue l’amour », by Mongo BETI and « Mandela et moi », by Lewis NKOSI !
These two new joint co-publications will be launched in Africa in February 2011.

The Alliance expresses its warmest thanks to the members of the Reading Committee (see the list below) for their involvement and their enthusiastic discussions !

• Agnès ADJAHO (former manager of the Notre Dame bookshop, Bénin) ;

• Élisabeth DALDOUL (Elyzad Publishing, Tunisia) ;

• Boubacar Boris DIOP (writer, Senegal - Tunisia) ;

• Emmanuel DONGALA (writer, Congo- United States) ;

• Mariame GBA (librarian, Côte d’Ivoire) ;

• Sofiane HADJADJ (Barzakh Publishing, Algeria) ;

• Jean-Claude NABA (Sankoka & Gurli Publishing, Burkina Faso) ;

• François NKEME (Ifrikiya Publishing, Cameroon) ;

• The book club of Oujda High School (Morocco).