San Isidro, 35-1.A
31300 Tafalla - Nafarroa, Euskal Herria
Tél: (+34) 948 70 39 34

Since 1987, Txalaparta has been the name of a free and independent Basque publisher. Txalaparta is committed to the cultural and editorial sovereignty of our country, Euskal Herria (the Basque Country). We also try to be the voice of whatever literary creation that improves the relations between the people of the planet, that helps to transform reality, that guards our historical memory, that opens paths towards diversity, to utopias…

We publish on average between 30 to 40 books a year in Basque and Spanish: Basque and world literature, political and historical essays, social criticism, classics of the political left, historical encyclopaedias. Our most distinctive feature is the wide base of readers who support Txalaparta´s projects by subscribing to one of our collections. Under the name of “editores independientes” we work and publish together with various publishers in other countries (Era in Mexico, LOM in Chile, Trilce in Uruguay) in order to guarantee our editorial freedom and diversity against monopolies and unified thought.

Contact : Mikel BULDAIN

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