Perspectives 2008-2009

Perspectives 2010-2011

Orientations 2015-2018

Support bibliodiversity and independent publishing through a professional solidarity network

  • Support the creation and strengthening of memberships to national and/or regional publisher collectives (including in Europe)
  • Promotion of bibliodiversity (International Bibliodiversity Day on 21 September, popularisation of bibliodiversity for the general public)

Support the creation of national, regional and international book policies

Reaffirm and defend freedom and equity of speech

  • Creating of a censorship typology : drafting of advocacy plans in support of, and in solidary with, publishers

Strengthen collaborative spaces and innovate to respond to tomorrow’s changes and issues

  • Digital Lab, workshops, and sharing of experiences and tools (on digital publishing, solidarity editorial partnerships, national and local languages publishing, etc.)
  • Strengthening of inter-professional sharing (authors, librarians, booksellers, diffusers-distributors, digital actors, etc.) : inter-professional meetings, joint lobbying

Re-instate equilibrium between book exporting countries and importing countries

  • Online resource centre, complementing the Bibliodiversity Observatory
  • Modernization of book donation practices : Book Donation Charter reviewed by professionals from the global South
  • Participation in book fairs (collective stands in book fairs in both the global South and global North), promotion of books from the global South and global North

Develop and strengthen intercultural sharing

  • Development and support copublishing/ translation projects : North-South and South-South editorial partnerships bearing the “Fair Trade Book” label, research on solidarity economic models (social and solidarity economy)

Publishers collectively adopted the Alliance’s 2015-2018 directions during the International Assembly of independent publishing (2012-2014). Projects and activities arise from each of these directions, and are implemented by the Alliance during the 2015-2018 period.