From Frankfurt to Conakry, via Paris and Togo… overview of the Alliance’s activities for the second semester 2017 !

Workshops, exchanges and knowledge sharing

  • In situ training on e-publishing of illustrated and interactive books, in Lomé (Togo), 10-14 July 2017 : two Togolese publishing houses member of the Alliance benefited from personalised support in the context of a training facilitated by Gilles Colleu (Vents d’ailleurs publishing house, France). A programme of the Alliance’s Digital Lab, supported by the International Organisation of the Francophonie.
  • Meetings of the European collectives in Paris (France), 19 and 20 July 2017 : 4 European collectives (Kurt Wolff Stiftung in Germany, Contrabandos in Spain, ODEI in Italy, IPG in the United Kingdom) and the Alliance met to strengthen their relationships, and find ways of collaborating, exchange tools and experiences…
  • Conakry, UNESCO’s world book capital (Guinea Conakry), 23-29 November 2017 : Ganndal publishing facilitate, during Conakry’s Children’s Book Fair, a colloquium on African children’s books, and a focus on African languages publishing… The Alliance will participate to this event by organising a workshop on digital publishing in African languages.

Book Fairs

  • Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany), 11-15 October 2017 : workshop on fair publishing partnerships and workshop on freedom of publishing (an initiative of the Alliance), “hot list” (space dedicated to independent publishing, an initiative of the Spanish-language network of the Alliance), meetings on publishing in the Francophone space in the context of the invitation to “Frankfurt in French”, Party Time for Indies (an initiative of ODEI and IPG, in collaboration with the Fair)… Bibliodiversity will be there, with independent publishers from all over the world !
  • Salon de L’Autre Livre in Paris (France), 17-19 November 2017 : several publishers member of the Alliance will participate to this edition, an opportunity to share and have a roundtable on independent publishing on the international level (Tunisia, Iran…).


  • International Bibliodiversity Day, 21 September 2017, throughout the world ! Readings, book crossing and piñatas in the public space, meetings, picnic, posters, and postcards : all ideas are welcome to participate to this day. Of course, do not forget to support independent bookshops and other relevant networks to reach as many readers as possible ! See activities of the previous year here : blog el dia B and the Alliance’s website.

Bibliodiversity Observatory