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The creation of Bibliodiversity – Publishing and Globalisation rests on three preliminary acknowledgments. The notion of bibliodiversity, despite its rapid spread and significant potential, remains scantly explored, insufficiently discussed, poorly grasped, and even misused – reduced at times to a simple slogan. It was important to save the notion from becoming even more depleted. Furthermore, the two co-publishers – the International Alliance of independent publishers along with Double Ponctuation – wish to contribute to original research, the development of intellectual and functional tools, and the collection of testimony that could help us understand the changes occurring in the world of books and publishing. Finally, there is not yet much space available in which to study these changing phenomena with a perspective that is simultaneously international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary.

Bibliodiversity’ journal

Writing and publishing in “minority” languages: creation and circulation of texts in a globalised context / Call for papers, August 2017

This issue of Bibliodiversity’ journal is coordinated by Nathalie Carré (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations, INALCO, France) and Raphaël Thierry (University of Mannheim, Germany).

Read the call for papers for the issue.

Publication calendar:

  • Submission of abstracts and short bio: 1 August 2017
  • Feedback to contributors: Mid-September 2017
  • Submission of full articles: Beginning of December 2017
  • Initial feedback formulated by the coordinator (and eventually editorial team) and sent to authors: Mid-December 2017
  • Articles sent for two blind peer-reviews: March 2018
  • Return of peer-reviews or rejection of paper: May 2018
  • Re-submission of revised papers, July 2018, as well as introduction chapter written by coordinators
  • Publication of issue: October/November 2018

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Self-publishing, a vector of bibliodiversity? / Call for papers, March 2017

This next issue of the journal Bibliodiversity is coordinated by Sylvie Bosser (Université Paris 8, CEMTI).

Read the call for papers for the issue.

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