International Committee of Independent Publishers (ICIP)

The ICIP includes the coordinators and vice-coordinators of the Alliance’s language networks ; the coordinators and vice-coordinators are nominated by the members of the networks. Since 2011, the ICIP has been an essential part of governing the Alliance, representing the voice of the publishers. The ICIP meets once a year in the presence of the Board and the team of the Alliance. The agenda is based on the aspirations and objectives of the Alliance, considering above all the needs and expectations of the members.

Composition of the ICIP :

  • Coordinator of the Arabic-speaking network : Samar Haddad, Syria (Atlas Publishing)
  • Coordinator of the English-speaking network : Colleen Higgs, South Africa (Modjaji Books)
  • Vice-coordinator of the English-speaking network : Ronny Agustinus, Indonesia (Marjin Kiri)
  • Coordinator of the French-speaking network : Élisabeth Daldoul, Tunisia (elyzad)
  • Vice-coordinators of the French-speaking network : Paulin Assem, Togo (AGO Média) and Jean-Claude Naba, Burkina Faso (Sankofa & Gurli)
  • Coordinators of the Persian-speaking network : Azadeh Parsapour, UK/Iran (Nogaam) and Anahita Mehdipour, Germany/Iran (Forough Verlag)
  • Coordinators of the Portuguese-speaking network : Mariana Warth, Brazil (Pallas Editora) and Carla Oliveira, Portugal (Orfeu Negro)